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Nutrition & Weight Management


What type of food do you feed your pet? Do you really understand what’s on the label, or are you just taking a guess at whether it’s good for your four legged friend? What about weight? Are you certain that the number on the scale is right where it should be?


The topics of nutrition and weight control in companion animals can be downright confusing, even for the most seasoned pet parent. Yet the right food and an active lifestyle can add years to your companion’s life, so it’s pretty important!

What you need is the guidance of an expert – someone who knows the ins and outs of companion animal nutrition and can provide you with the advice you need. The team at the Holt Veterinary Clinic is experienced in pet nutrition and is up to the task! We can develop a customized diet and exercise plan that will truly bring out the very best in your furry friend.


Nutritional Counseling


Our nutritional counseling services begin with a comprehensive physical exam and detailed analysis of your pet’s unique needs. We’ll consider such important factors as your companion’s breed, age, current weight and the existence of any medical conditions. From there, we will develop a customized diet that will not only meet your loved one’s nutritional needs, but bring them into optimum health. As part of this process, we may recommend switching to a prescription diet, as these foods typically contain higher quality ingredients than those available over the counter.


Weight Management


The other component of your pet’s well being is his or her weight. This is important because pets that are even just a few pounds overweight can be at a much greater risk of developing serious medical conditions, some of which can even be life threatening. Conversely, animals that don’t weigh enough are more susceptible to things like illness and injury. We’ll determine what weight range would be ideal for your pet and then come up with a plan to both achieve and maintain that healthy weight over time.


Ongoing Maintenance


Finally, it’s also important that we reexamine our approach from time to time to ensure that it’s still achieving the results we want. As companion animals age, their health care needs change, including those associated with diet and exercise. We’ll reevaluate your pet at certain intervals throughout his or her lifetime and make any necessary adjustments so that we can continue to keep that little guy or gal as healthy and fit as possible.

You love your pet and want to keep them as happy and healthy for as many years as possible. The right nutrition and regular exercise can help you achieve that goal, and we can help too. Give us a call today!