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    If our pet is sick, how do we determine the cause? Sometimes the reason is fairly straightforward, like vomiting all that plastic they devoured, but often the cause is not so obvious. Add to that the fact that they can't tell us how they feel, or where it hurts  means finding the cause takes some detective work.  

 To diagnose and treat a pet's illness often means we have to do many diagnostic tests to determine the cause, before we can begin treatment. We are able to many of the tests with our in house analyzer and imaging facilities. These allow us to obtain results quickly, often before you leave the exam room, to allow for more timely treatment. Some of the routine testing we can do in house includes:

Most serum chemistries and hematology



Intestinal parasite testing

In those instances where we feel the advice of an expert is warranted, we gladly provide referrals to highly qualified, experienced veterinary specialists to ensure that your pet always receives the best possible care. We work closely with local specialists and the MSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital when special diagnostic procedures are required

If your pet hasn’t been feeling well and you’re not quite sure what’s wrong, a professional diagnostic evaluation can help obtain the answers we need to put them back on the path to good health again as soon as possible