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The importance of dental health and it's relationship to the well being of our pets is often overlooked. In fact dental disease is one of the leading causes of poor health and shortened life spans in our pets. The most common problem in cats and dogs is periodontal disease, with it's  associated foul breath, infected abscessed loosened teeth, accumulation of large amounts of tartar and often loss of appetite.

 Why does my pet need dental care?

Since our pets do not brush their teeth, food debris and bacteria accumulate to for tartar around the teeth and gums. Allowed to continue this causes gum inflammation and loss followed by abscess formation, bone loss and eventual loss of teeth. Resulting infection can enter the blood stream and cause permanent kidney and heart damage, as well as such remote problems as diarrhea, vomiting and irritability.

How can I tell if my pet needs dental care?

Each year when we examine your pet we make a thorough examination of gums and teeth, and make any needed reccomendations at that time. In addition if your pet has any of the following symptoms you should schedule a dental exam.

  • Loose, discolored, broken or missing teeth
  • Shying away from being touched around the mouth area
  • Excessive drooling or dropping food
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Loss of appetite and/or rapid weight loss due to lack of eating
  • Build up of tartar on teeth and gums
  • Foul breath

Keeping your pets teeth and gums in good health helps prolong their life and avoids the unnecessary pain from diseased teeth and gums.